What is hosting?

Web hosting refers to the service of storing and making websites accessible on the internet. It involves renting server space and resources from a hosting provider to store website files, databases, and other data.

Key points about web hosting:

Server Space: Web hosting provides server space where website files and data are stored, allowing them to be accessed via the internet.
Website Accessibility: Hosting makes websites available and accessible to users worldwide at any time.
Performance and Speed Web hosting services provide the necessary resources to ensure fast loading times and optimal website performance.
Bandwidth Hosting plans include allocated bandwidth, which determines the amount of data that can be transferred between the server and website visitors.
Uptime and Reliability Web hosting ensures that websites remain online and accessible with minimal downtime, allowing visitors to access the site consistently.

Creativelair's Hosting Annual Rate:

Informative Website: ₱ 15,000 /year (After-sales)
E-commerce Website: ₱ 25,000 /year (After-sales)