Revision Cycle

3 Free Revisions For Each Project:

With every project, we provide 3 free revisions. In this revision cycle, 1 cycle comprises up to 5 bullet points, each categorized as either simple or complex.

For any succeeding revisions beyond the allocated 3 free revisions, there will be an additional fee of ₱7,500 per revision cycle.

Timeline for Revisions:

Simple: (Edit text, move element, copy and paste, replace image, search for new image, replace word, replace sentence, change color)
2-4 days (With Priority Fee)
5-7 days (Without Priority Fee)

Complex: (Edit vector, redesign/new layout, transfer data, document size/dimension, photo manipulation, new website pages, .json animation, additional website functionalities, vector elements and characters, recreate design/copy)
5-7 days (With Priority Fee)
8-10 days (Without Priority Fee)

Kindly note that during each revision cycle, it is required to have a minimum of 5 bullet points and a maximum of 10 bullet points. Each point will be classified according to its complexity and the total number of hours required for completion will be calculated as the timeframe. For instance, if there are 3 revision cycles, the first and second bullet points might be simple and take approximately 2-4 days, while the third bullet point might be complex and require 5-7 days. Therefore, considering these two points, the estimated timeframe for completion could range from 10-11 days.

Simple edits can be efficiently combined, making them quick to perform due to their minimal effort and time requirements. However, when dealing with complex edits, they are treated as a single entity during the editing process because they demand considerable effort and time to complete.

Kindly take note that any changes in scope and direction will be treated as an entirely new project and will be priced accordingly.