How much does a Brand Strategy and Identity cost?

The cost of a brand strategy and identity varies depending on the project's complexity. The Brand Strategy & Identity entails a brand book that contains essential elements such as the logo, guidelines, marketing collaterals, brand copy, presentation templates, and color palettes. The brand book acts as a comprehensive guide for your company and contractors to maintain brand consistency in the presentation of the brand.

If your brand only requires enhancement or updating, and there is no need to create it from scratch, then the cost of the project will be lower. This means that you already have a brand copy, and the only necessary changes are to update the guidelines, marketing collaterals, and modernize your logo.However, constructing a brand from scratch will demand a higher and sometimes cost more than website design since it will establish your company's image and strategy. A brand functions as your company's image, and you must take into account that your work will be utilized across various platforms and collateral.

Estimated Price:

Basic - Price starts at ₱ 55,000
Custom Built - Price starts at ₱ 80,000